Mucocele Removal
Laser Operculectomy

A frenectomy is a type of oral surgery carried out when individuals have excess frenum tissue beneath their tongue or lips and have experienced difficulty moving the muscle freely. This treatment may be beneficial for younger patients who suffer from a midline diastema (gap between front teeth). By removing a prominent frenum the risk of the midline diastema reopening following brace treatment is reduced.


  • Accuracy & Precision
  • Reduced Trauma
  • Less Bleeding & Swelling
  • Fewer Dental Visits
  • No sutures

It's natural to be a little worried when a new lump or bump forms on your body. If you or your child develops a soft swelling in the mouth, it may just be a mucocele - a harmless cyst. It's still a good idea to get it checked out, though, especially if it's bothersome

The flap of tissue that covers a partially erupted tooth is called the operculum. A partially erupted tooth can be more prone to decay and gum disease. It also causes inflammation of the gums and infections to the adjacent tissues. In order to proceed with the treatment of a partially erupted tooth, the operculum on the tooth should be removed by surgery; this surgery is called the operculectomy. At Align we perform laser operculectomy, which has a sterilizing effect reducing infection. It is also more comfortable to the patient, as it has minimum pain and bleeding.

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