Post & Core
Root Canal

    Post and Core placement refers to a procedure where a dentist replaces missing tooth structure in preparation for making a new dental crown. Replacing these missing portions creates the optimal foundation for the new restoration.

    This procedure is needed when bacteria that live in the mouth invade the tooth, which usually occurs when a person has severe tooth decay, a leaked filling or when their teeth are damaged following an accident.

    Should harmful bacteria get caught within a tooth and begin to multiply, the dentist could decide to extract the infected tooth or remove the substance from the root canal system by carrying out this procedure.

    Veneers and Other Bonded Restorations fall into the category of cosmetic dentistry and are used to create bright, white smiles with beautifully shaped teeth. Regardless of what causes unattractive teeth, these types of restorations may solve most or all of the issues, including severe tooth discoloration, chips, cracks and the wear and tear that causes uneven teeth.

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